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Guards Monitoring System

GMS – Guards Monitoring System

GMS is a complete web based solution for Security Guard Monitoring services.

Guards Monitoring System

GMS – Guards Monitoring System

It takes care of all functions from Guard Scheduling to Billing to Accounting to Dispatch to Payroll etc.

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GMS – Guards Monitoring System

Guards Monitoring System helps Security Services Companies to manage client information and agreement with them. This system also enables them to maintain an attendance register of deployed guards on various locations. Tracking of weapon and other security equipment is also available in this system. Automatic generation of Invoice makes this system more useful. The system has a flexible report generation option. Each report has multiple Input options. Following are the modules of this system:


Client Information
Complete information of Client is available in this module.

Agreement is an important part of Guard Monitoring System, which deals with the type of personnel required and the hardware (weapon / equipments) required on the deployment of guards.

Deploy Order Generation
Deploy order contains the deployment plan as per signed agreement.

Execution Order Generation
Execution order is prepared finalize the deployment of guards on various locations. Execution order is prepared in case of replacement as well as if there is increase or decrease of guards.

Attendance Register
This register keeps the attendance of guards and supervisors deployed on certain locations.

Online invoices are generated every month according to the defined schedule for billing purpose.

Invoice Adjustment
Invoice is adjusted with the next month invoice in such a way that if an invoice is issued with the excessive amount but client pays lesser amount; the next month invoice is generated with adjustments.

Weapon / Equipment Information
Weapon and Equipment information is maintained in this module.